The icy winter wind blows sideways on an older car with Texas plates as it drives off the interstate into an old boom and bust mining town in the mountains of Montana. Aryan, an undocumented brown man, arrives in the skeletal remains of the crumbling uptown, 2018. As he spends his last change on food, he gets a job as a taxi driver. He wants a chance to start a quiet honest life. He keeps a low profile but is reluctantly befriended by three very different local white people; an empathetic prostitute, Kat, a charismatic small-time drug dealer, Rob, and an eleven year old homeless girl, Sasha.

As he feels rejected by the people in the predominantly white small town, he seeks comfort in Kat and pays her for services. This relationship becomes one of tender mutual support. Unsure how to handle his feelings for Kat he tries to escape into his work. She lives in the shadows deeply afraid of law enforcement. After losing his taxi job he still must find a way to take care of eleven year old Sasha and do odd jobs for Rob, the charismatic drug dealer. Sasha finds her way into Aryan’s heart and he knows he can’t leave her to live with her methamphetamine addicted uncle. Sasha gives Aryan a sense of purpose in a world seemly filled with hypocrisy and constant mistrust.

Aryan and Sasha’s bond solidifies due to their shared quest for survival as he rescues her from her violent and dangerous life in the trailer park and takes her into his own private lodgings in a dilapidated townhouse apartment. He knows he must keep her hidden from the world. Rob is surrounded by uneducated henchmen and wants the sensitive well-spoken and daring Aryan as a friend and a partner.